Where do we go from here notes

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factors driving change:
labor market trends
demographic trends
changing age profile
us federal state and local goverments face major fiscal issues
changes in legislative and regulatory environment


Things affecting the economy- Arab spring, Ukraine, China, Putin
The ways credit unions are adapting to economic and socal changes, success factors in the future that credit unions will need to depend upon (all of the above)
Howard Gardner – IQ – multiple intelligences
Great attributes of great leaders
People are both rational and emotional (read to the end.. probably all of the above)

Technology service collaboration panel notes

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barriers: lack of trust and loss of control

Word of mouth is trusted (80% of consumers trust more than any other source)
WOM is 9x more effective in converting negative attitudes into positive

Collaboration steps:
Itentify needs and resources
Seek potential partners with common goals
Assess the relationship and mutual benefits
implement collaboration plan
Review relationship and mutual benefit

Darren’s question is the negative answer
Just because you’ve always done it one way doesn’t mean it’s right

Notes for Ethics

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Ethical values
ethical behavior
stakeholders are anyone who has a vested interest, so members are always stakeholders

Notes for Harry

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Best you can do is React to events
You can Anticipate patterns
Create structures
Don’t only look at the systems perspective, there is value to looking at events and patterns too.
Ladder of influence (multiple questions)

Notes on economic trends

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1- outcome of the great recession – remember what happened in the us historically and how we compared to the world (we recovered a lot quicker than we would have otherwise)
2- trends for the next two decades (age wage marriage suffrage)
3- fastest growing segment of the us population (over 65)
4- savings and loan crisis lessons (fed’s fought OPEC… fed created inflation) could be a trick question with multiple answers
5- species normally survive – the ones who adapt
6- household income, single vs married wage… single = lower wealth, married = higher wealth
7- married partnerships = decreasing, cohabitation is rising
8- bottom 80% of americans has most of wealth in their house
9- which deficit in gov is biggest – medicare

Notes to study on strategic marketing

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bad profits
qualitative vs quantitative
managing by mission
Six P’s of research: Purpose, Plan, Performance, Processing, Presentation, POLITICS

Happy Holidays from your Mu Class Council – Marci, Jared, Buddy, Mike and Carol

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We hope you all have a spectacular holiday season with your loved ones.



Notes as promised

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Money and Financial Institutions

WCMS Year2 Branding

Corporate Law

Emerging Issues for Credit Unions

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They might seem cut off, but the full version is there if you just click on it


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Building blocks from managing the human resources

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